Yvonne Cheng

Beauty and Batik

More than 50 years ago, the artist Yvonne Cheng took a batik class at Bishop Museum. Since then, she’s become one of the most enduring figurative painters in the islands.

Ocean Calling

Blurred by time and compact in their composition, photographer Mark Kushimi’s postmodernist seascapes invite closer introspection.

Reality Bites

Video artist Paul Pfeiffer deconstructs viewers’ relationships to media and forms of entertainment that saturate the human experience.

Artist at Large

Renowned for his powerful anti-establishment artwork, the iconoclast Ai Weiwei is a relentless crusader for social and political justice.

Products of Their Environment

From their island home to Hollywood, the Kandell brothers reflect on the outsized role Hawai‘i has played in their lives and careers.

Living for Art

Married artists Deborah Butterfield and John Buck find emotional and intellectual connection in their works.

About Face

Park Lane welcomes a meditative sculpture by renowned Spanish artist Jaume Plensa.