Take a Peek

Fendi’s new campaign, in collaboration with filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, takes its iconic Peekaboo bag to dizzying new heights.

Images courtesy of Fendi

The Fendi woman contains multitudes. She is at once powerful and feminine, fearless yet playful. In Fendi’s new creative campaign, a short film lensed by filmmaking visionary Luca Guadagnino, the Fendi woman’s many facets take center stage.

The film features model Adwoa Aboah floating dreamlike above the romantic streets of Rome, through it all she is accompanied by one of Fendi’s most iconic bags: the Peekaboo. As she glides effortlessly across the city’s pink-hued skies, she sports a Peekaboo bag in hand, acting both as an anchor and a guide before she lands gracefully at the steps of Fendi’s Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana.

“With the DNA of Fendi being Rome, we of course talked about Rome—but instead of being in Rome, being above Rome,” says Guadagnino. “We had this idea of levity—of the Peekaboo bag, at the centre of the movie, being the magical driver behind Adwoa flying over the ancient city.”

The film’s function is two-fold. For one, it is a visual exploration of the characteristics that have made Fendi a signature brand of the fashion world.

As Aboah flies above Rome, she is poised as a fashionable incarnation of superwoman, limitless and untethered. When she plants her feet on the steps of Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, she is instantly transformed into the chic, metropolitan everywoman, dashing off to her next adventure. It is a metaphor for the Fendi woman, who embodies powerful femininity in its finest form.

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“I feel a very deep connection with the brand,” says Gudagnino. “My mother used to wear Fendi back in the ’70s and ’80s so the logo, the type of materials, the quality and the design of Fendi have always been part of my imagery.”

On the other hand, the film is a whimsical showcase of the Peekaboo, which since its inception in 2008 has acted as a hallmark expression of Fendi’s signature craftsmanship and witful design. Here, the Peekaboo’s latest iterations are unveiled.

There is the Peekaboo Petite, which recreates the original but in a more compact form. Though created with distinctive, smaller proportions, it still maintains all the signature details of its predecessor, from the instantly recognizable trapezoidal Peekaboo shape to the emphasis on high craftsmanship. Crafted from nappa leather, which comes in a rainbow of 12 bright tones from baby blue to mimosa yellow, it can be carried by hand or worn crossbody, a versatile feature that will prove invaluable to the modern-day Fendi woman.

Then, there is the Peekaboo Micro, the smallest iteration of the Peekaboo to date. Even smaller than the Peekaboo Petite, the Peekaboo Micro channels Fendi’s youthful energy. It is a reinterpretation of the iconic bag for the new fashion set, who in recent seasons have gravitated towards a “the smaller, the better” mindset for their accessories of choice.

Micro it may be, though, impractical it is not. The bag still retains functionality, featuring a detachable metal handle, an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, and a card holder on the inside. Coming in 10 vibrant colorways, crafted from smooth and supple leather, the Peekaboo Micro will add the irresistible appeal of the coolest micro bag onto any outfit.

“I think that carrying a Peekaboo says something about a very strong, powerful and empowered person who is not afraid to hide,” says Silvia Venturini Fendi, who designed the original 2008 icon. “It has its two compartments—one you can keep close to you and closed, and the other where you can choose to reveal something of yourself to the world.”

No matter which iteration of the Peekaboo you may choose, it is a bag that is sure to imbue the wearer with the supernaturally charged spirit of the Fendi woman. Equipped with the Peekaboo bag, one may feel all of life’s limitless possibilities. You may even find yourself lifting off the ground, gliding gracefully over the ancient streets of Rome.

Shop the Peekaboo bag in Fendi boutiques and through client services. Visit their Honolulu locations at Ala Moana Center and the Royal Hawaiian Center.